Sperasoft Partner with BrightLocker to Release LightEaters

London, 24 th June 2016Sperasoft, one of the world’s largest game development companies, in conjunction with BrightLocker Inc., the world’s first crowdpublishing platform for games, is excited to announce its work in developing LightEaters, a premium mobile title developed for iOS and available now on iPad and iPhone for £2.99 on the App Store.

From today brave mobile gamers will adventure to the deep, dark, and puzzling world of LightEaters, a quirky platform adventure game that allows you to explore 36 levels, collect cool equipment and power-ups, and earn BrightLocker rewards every time you play. Playing as Ted, you explore levels filled with monsters and traps to avoid. Armed with a flashlight and a strong set of nerves, you must make your way through the creepy world of darkness solving puzzles along the way.

This is the first game ever to be directly integrated into a crowdfunding platform, allowing gamers to earn rewards and achievements that can give them digital currency both for this title and other games on the BrightLocker platform, allowing them to fund and select future games.

Sperasoft CEO Igor Efremov commented “Developing LightEaters was both fun and technically challenging. Sperasoft assembled a fantastic internal development team, Spotlight Games, based in our St Petersburg studio, to both build a creative and entertaining game while also addressing the technical challenges brought about by the requirement to integrate the game directly into the BrightLocker platform.”

“LightEaters represents the first game we are publishing that is integrated and provides gamers the chance to get benefits both in-game and in our game ideation ecosystem,” said Ruben Cortez, CEO, BrightLocker.  “LightEaters is a great way for existing users to see the power of BrightLocker, and also a perfect introduction to our platform for those that have yet to experience The Game of Making Games.”


For more information about the game check out www.lighteatersgame.com

Ruben Cortez, BrightLocker CEO, is available for select interviews. Please contact Caroline@Indigopearl.com to arrange.


About Sperasoft

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Based in Austin, Texas, BrightLocker is a revolutionary crowdpublishing platform that uses the power of the crowd to allow gamers to turn their game ideas into reality. Led by an executive team with experience from major industry players including, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Sony and BioWare, BrightLocker lets gamers imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money throughout a game’s development process. “Imagine, Choose, Make, Play, Earn™”

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