High Quality

Combining experienced U.S. management with experienced offshore art and technical teams allows Sperasoft to deliver specialized game development, network operations, and professional services that leverage the unmatched technology educations gained in Russia’s advanced teaching institutions. Using proven game and software development methodologies and universal compliance with the highest standards of quality assurance, our professional and technically advanced “A+” team guarantees the highest quality software.

Qualified Specialists

Our offshore based game development centers and studios are located in the cities of St. Petersburg and Volgograd, Russia – all prominent game development and IT hubs, with leading technology and art universities. Sperasoft’s close relationship with St. Petersburg and Volgograd Universities and Academies of Art gives us preferential access to top graduates and alumni each year. All Sperasoft employees must hold at least a Bachelor of Science degree – equivalent to a U.S. Master’s degree in many instances – in art, mathematics, computer sciences, engineering or other project-related fields.

Customer Focused

Consistent and continuous interaction with our clients ensures that we understand expectations so we can fulfill our commitment to delivering the most advanced, comprehensive and cost-effective art and game engineering products imagined. Sperasoft requires its offshore team members not only to be technically proficient but to also possess an effective command of the English language. Our customers know they can count on good communication with the technical team as well as on a management style and contract performance that are fully compatible with U.S. corporate business cultures.

Transparency in All Processes

Collaboration and project management applications enable us to keep our customers constantly updated on the project status and produce a high transparency of the development process. Your project manager provides regular progress updates and is a convenient, single point of contact to answer questions and supply information.

Security & Intellectual Property Management and Control

Here, at Sperasoft, we take security seriously. We go an extra step to ensure the complete security of our clients’ assets and intellectual property. As a company, we adhere to standard business practices documented in legal agreements that address all the common security aspects of offshore game development. In our development centers, we have established robust security practices that completely rule out possibility of any data or intellectual property leaks. These processes are reinforced by the latest security technologies including electronic monitoring and restricted access systems in our offices.

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