Sperasoft as a company received the following certifications:

  • Certified Xbox One & XBox 360 Developer
  • Certified PS3 & d PS4 Developer
  • Authorized Nintendo 3DS & Wii Developer
  • Certified Android Developer
  • Certified iOS, Mac Developer
At Sperasoft, we place a high value on being at the forefront of technology, and being able to provide our clients with teams comprised of highly skilled software architects and engineers. Throughout the recent years our team members received the following certifications:

  • Microsoft® Certified Professional Developer
  • Microsoft® Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft® Certified Business Management Solutions Professional
  • Apple® Certified Developer
  • IBM® Certified Advanced Application Developer
  • IBM® Certified Solution Designer
  • Oracle® Certified IT Professional
  • Sun® Certified Programmer
  • Carnegie Mellon SEI Certified Specialist

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